HITACHI projector lamps

hitachi-projector-lamps HITACHI projector lamps


9000 Λάμπες για όλους τους Projectors της αγοράς 

Γνήσια σετ και εναλλακτικές λύσεις.


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- Δωρεάν οδηγίες εγκατάστασης
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- Ταχύτατη παράδοση
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Need a new Projector Lamp?
For most projectors we offer original projector lamps as well as generic projector lamps. For a lot of projectors we can also supply individual bulbs!

If possible we can offer the following options to replacing your existing projector lamp:

Original Module

The original module (lamp with plastic housing) is the same lamp as you purchased with your projector. We can, in most cases, deliver the original projector lamps. However, the problem with original projector lamps is that shortages exist and prices are often unnecessarily high.

Genuine Inside Module

An original module in neutral packing, exactly the same as the manufacturer's lamp but without the original packaging.

Generic Module

The generic module is a non-original product (lamp and housing). Our generic modules are manufactured by a reliable manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as BenQ and Acer. Our generic modules are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

Bulb Only:

A bare lamp offers the possibility to re-use your existing lamp housing and to just replace the actual bulb. The main benefit of this option is of course a considerable price reduction when compared to an original module.

Replacing a projector bulb is not difficult but it does require some handiness. If you're not confident to replace the bulb yourself we can do this for you, for free! Contact us for details.

Original Bulb Only

Original bare projector lamps come from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Iwasaki, Phoenix or Sharp. Your original module will contain a projector bulb made by one of these manufacturers.

(Generic) Bulb Only

The generic bare bulb is a non-original bulb. However, as with our generic modules, they are manufactured by a reliable high quality manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as Acer and BenQ. Our generic projector bulbs are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

"Whichever option you may choose, with us you can count on the best Value For Money Lamps."


Hitachi 42V515 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 42V525 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 42V710 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 42V715 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50C10 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50V500 lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi 50V500A lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi 50V500G lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50V525 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50V525E lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50V710 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50V715 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 50VX500 lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi 60V500 lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi 60V500A lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi 60V525 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 60V710 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 60V715 lamp UX21513 / LM500
Hitachi 60VX500 lamp UX21511 / LC37
Hitachi CP-A100 lamp DT00891
Hitachi CP-A200 lamp DT00893
Hitachi CP-A220N lamp DT01181
Hitachi CP-A52 lamp DT00893
Hitachi CP-AW100N lamp DT01091
Hitachi CP-AW250N lamp DT01181
Hitachi CP-AW250NM lamp DT01181
Hitachi CP-D10 lamp DT01091
Hitachi CP-D20 lamp DT01121
Hitachi CP-DW10N lamp DT01091
Hitachi CP-HS1000 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HS1050 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HS1060 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HS1090 lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi CP-HS2000 lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-HS2010 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-HS2050 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-HS800 lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-HS900 lamp DT00621
Hitachi CP-HS980 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-HX1080 lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi CP-HX1085 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-HX1090 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HX1095 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HX1098 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-HX2000 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-HX2020 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-HX2060 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-HX2075 lamp DT00731
Hitachi CP-HX2080 lamp DT00471
Hitachi CP-HX3000 lamp DT00491
Hitachi CP-HX3080 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-HX4060 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-HX4080 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-HX5000 lamp DT00531
Hitachi CP-HX6000 lamp DT00491
Hitachi CP-HX6300 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-HX6500 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-HX990 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-L300 lamp DT00031
Hitachi CP-L500 lamp DT00031
Hitachi CP-L500A lamp DT00031
Hitachi CP-L540 lamp DT00091
Hitachi CP-L550 lamp DT00061
Hitachi CP-L750 lamp DT00111
Hitachi CP-L850W lamp DT00161
Hitachi CP-RS55 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RS56 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RS56 + lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RS56W lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RS57 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RX60 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RX60Z lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RX61 lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RX61 + lamp DT00701
Hitachi CP-RX70 lamp DT00781
Hitachi CP-RX78 lamp DT01022
Hitachi CP-RX79 lamp DT01151
Hitachi CP-RX80 lamp DT01022
Hitachi CP-RX80W lamp DT01022
Hitachi CP-RX82 lamp DT01151
Hitachi CP-S210 lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-S210F lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-S210T lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-S210W lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-S220 lamp DT00301
Hitachi CP-S220A lamp DT00301
Hitachi CP-S220W lamp DT00301
Hitachi CP-S225 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S225A lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S225AT lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S225W lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S225WT lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S235 lamp DT00621
Hitachi CP-S235W lamp DT00621
Hitachi CP-S240 lamp DT00731
Hitachi CP-S245 lamp DT00731
Hitachi CP-S270 lamp DT00301
Hitachi CP-S310 lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-S310W lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-S317 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S317W lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S318 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-S335 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-S370 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-S370W lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-S380W lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-S385W lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-S420 lamp DT00471
Hitachi CP-S830 lamp DT00171
Hitachi CP-S833 lamp DT00181
Hitachi CP-S840B lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-S840EB lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-S840W lamp DT00205
Hitachi CP-S840WB lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-S845 lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-S850 lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-S860W lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-S995 lamp DT00491
Hitachi CP-SX12000 lamp DT01001
Hitachi CP-SX1350 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-SX1350W lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-SX5500 lamp DT00421
Hitachi CP-SX5600 lamp DT00421
Hitachi CP-SX635 lamp DT00873
Hitachi CP-WUX645N lamp DT00873
Hitachi CP-WX11000 lamp DT01001
Hitachi CP-WX3011 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-WX3011N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-WX4021N lamp DT01171
Hitachi CP-WX410 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-WX625 lamp DT00873
Hitachi CP-WX8 lamp DT01141
Hitachi CP-X1 lamp DT00781
Hitachi CP-X10000 lamp DT01001
Hitachi CP-X1200 lamp DT00591
Hitachi CP-X1200W lamp DT00591
Hitachi CP-X1230 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-X1250 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-X1350 lamp DT00601
Hitachi CP-X2 lamp DT00781
Hitachi CP-X200 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X201 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X2010 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2010N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2011 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2011N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X205 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X206 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X210 lamp DT00581
Hitachi CP-X250 lamp DT00731
Hitachi CP-X251 lamp DT00757
Hitachi CP-X2510 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2510E lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2510EN lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2510N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2510Z lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2511 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2511N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X2520 lamp DT01141
Hitachi CP-X253 lamp DT00781
Hitachi CP-X255 lamp DT00731
Hitachi CP-X256 lamp DT00757
Hitachi CP-X260 lamp DT00751
Hitachi CP-X264 lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X265 lamp DT00751
Hitachi CP-X267 lamp DT00751
Hitachi CP-X268 lamp DT00751
Hitachi CP-X270 lamp DT00301
Hitachi CP-X275 lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi CP-X275A lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi CP-X275W lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi CP-X3 lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X300 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X301 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X3010 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3010E lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3010EN lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3010N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3010Z lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3011 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3011N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X3020 lamp DT01141
Hitachi CP-X305 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X306 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X308 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X320 lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-X320W lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-X325 lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-X325W lamp DT00331
Hitachi CP-X327 lamp DT00461 / DT00521
Hitachi CP-X327W lamp DT00461 / DT00521
Hitachi CP-X328 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi CP-X335 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-X340 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-X345 lamp DT00671
Hitachi CP-X3511 lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X380 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-X385 lamp DT00431
Hitachi CP-X3W lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X4 lamp DT00781
Hitachi CP-X400 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X401 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X4011N lamp DT01021
Hitachi CP-X4020E lamp DT01051
Hitachi CP-X4021N lamp DT01171
Hitachi CP-X417 lamp DT00841
Hitachi CP-X430 lamp DT00471
Hitachi CP-X430W lamp DT00471
Hitachi CP-X440 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X440W lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X443 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X444 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X445 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X450 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X455 lamp DT00691
Hitachi CP-X467 lamp DT00911
Hitachi CP-X5 lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X5021N lamp DT01171
Hitachi CP-X505 lamp DT00771
Hitachi CP-X5W lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X6 lamp DT00821
Hitachi CP-X605 lamp DT00771
Hitachi CP-X608 lamp DT00771
Hitachi CP-X615 lamp DT00871
Hitachi CP-X705 lamp DT00871
Hitachi CP-X8 lamp DT01141
Hitachi CP-X807 lamp DT00871
Hitachi CP-X809W lamp DT00873
Hitachi CP-X870 lamp DT00571
Hitachi CP-X870D lamp DT00571
Hitachi CP-X880 lamp DT00531
Hitachi CP-X885 lamp DT00531
Hitachi CP-X935W lamp DT00201
Hitachi CP-X938 lamp DT00205
Hitachi CP-X938B lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-X938WZ lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-X938Z lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-X940B lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-X940E lamp DT00205
Hitachi CP-X940W lamp DT00205
Hitachi CP-X940WB lamp DT00236
Hitachi CP-X950W lamp DT00161
Hitachi CP-X955W lamp DT00191
Hitachi CP-X958 lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X960 lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X960A lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X960W lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X960WA lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X970 lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X970W lamp DT00231
Hitachi CP-X980 lamp DT00341
Hitachi CP-X985 lamp DT00341
Hitachi CP-X990 lamp DT00491
Hitachi CP-X995 lamp DT00491
Hitachi CP-X995W lamp DT00491
Hitachi ED-A100 lamp DT00891
Hitachi ED-A101 lamp DT00893
Hitachi ED-A110 lamp DT00891
Hitachi ED-A111 lamp DT00893
Hitachi ED-A220NM lamp DT01181
Hitachi ED-AW100N lamp DT01091
Hitachi ED-AW110N lamp DT01091
Hitachi ED-D10N lamp DT01091
Hitachi ED-D11N lamp DT01091
Hitachi ED-PJ32 lamp DT00707
Hitachi ED-S3170 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi ED-S3170A lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi ED-S317A lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi ED-S3350 lamp DT00671
Hitachi ED-S8240 lamp DT00731
Hitachi ED-X10 lamp DT00757
Hitachi ED-X1092 lamp DT00757
Hitachi ED-X12 lamp DT00757
Hitachi ED-X15 lamp DT00757
Hitachi ED-X20 lamp DT00781
Hitachi ED-X22 lamp DT00781
Hitachi ED-X24 lamp DT01022
Hitachi ED-X24Z lamp DT01022
Hitachi ED-X26 lamp DT01151
Hitachi ED-X30 lamp DT00841
Hitachi ED-X31 lamp DT00911
Hitachi ED-X32 lamp DT00841
Hitachi ED-X3250 lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi ED-X3270 lamp DT00461 DT00521
Hitachi ED-X3280 lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi ED-X3280AT lamp DT00401 / DT00511
Hitachi ED-X33 lamp DT00911
Hitachi ED-X3400 lamp DT00671
Hitachi ED-X3450 lamp DT00671
Hitachi ED-X40 lamp DT01021
Hitachi ED-X40Z lamp DT01021
Hitachi ED-X42 lamp DT01021
Hitachi ED-X42Z lamp DT01021
Hitachi ED-X45N lamp DT01021
Hitachi ED-X50 lamp DT01141
Hitachi ED-X52 lamp DT01141
Hitachi ED-X8250 lamp DT00731
Hitachi ED-X8255 lamp DT00731
Hitachi HCP-800X lamp DT00841
Hitachi HCP-80X lamp DT00841
Hitachi HCP-880X lamp DT00841
Hitachi HDPJ52 lamp DT00661
Hitachi MCX2500 lamp DT00471
Hitachi MCX3200 lamp DT00341
Hitachi MP-J1EF lamp DT00781
Hitachi PJ-658 lamp DT00751
Hitachi PJ-HOME-1 lamp DT00611
Hitachi PJ-LC2001 lamp DT00301
Hitachi PJ-LC5 lamp DT00581
Hitachi PJ-LC5W lamp DT00581
Hitachi PJ-LC7 lamp DT00701
Hitachi PJ-LC9 lamp DT00707
Hitachi PJ-LC9W lamp DT00707
Hitachi PJ-TX10 lamp DT00611
Hitachi PJ-TX100 lamp DT00661
Hitachi PJ-TX100W lamp DT00661
Hitachi PJ-TX10W lamp DT00611
Hitachi PJ-TX10WT lamp DT00611
Hitachi PJ-TX200 lamp DT00665
Hitachi PJ-TX200W lamp DT00665
Hitachi PJ-TX300 lamp DT00665
Hitachi PJ-TX300W lamp DT00665
Hitachi VISION CUBE LSV-40 lamp DT00501

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