MITSUBISHI projector lamps

MITSUBISHI  projector lamps  mitsubishi-projector-lamps


9000 Λάμπες για όλους τους Projectors της αγοράς 

Γνήσια σετ και εναλλακτικές λύσεις.


Με την εγγύηση του  




- Δωρεάν οδηγίες εγκατάστασης
- Αποστολή σε όλη την Ελλάδα
- Ταχύτατη παράδοση
- Δυνατότητα εγκατάστασης και από την Εταιρία μας (με ξεχωριστή χρέωση)

Παραγγελίες - Πληροφορίες:  - Ερρίκου Σλήμαν 4 & Ξανθουλίδου 21- Ανω Πατήσια -

τηλ:210 2525044 FAX: 2102582195

Need a new Projector Lamp?
For most projectors we offer original projector lamps as well as generic projector lamps. For a lot of projectors we can also supply individual bulbs!

If possible we can offer the following options to replacing your existing projector lamp:

Original Module

The original module (lamp with plastic housing) is the same lamp as you purchased with your projector. We can, in most cases, deliver the original projector lamps. However, the problem with original projector lamps is that shortages exist and prices are often unnecessarily high.

Genuine Inside Module

An original module in neutral packing, exactly the same as the manufacturer's lamp but without the original packaging.

Generic Module

The generic module is a non-original product (lamp and housing). Our generic modules are manufactured by a reliable manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as BenQ and Acer. Our generic modules are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

Bulb Only:

A bare lamp offers the possibility to re-use your existing lamp housing and to just replace the actual bulb. The main benefit of this option is of course a considerable price reduction when compared to an original module.

Replacing a projector bulb is not difficult but it does require some handiness. If you're not confident to replace the bulb yourself we can do this for you, for free! Contact us for details.

Original Bulb Only

Original bare projector lamps come from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Iwasaki, Phoenix or Sharp. Your original module will contain a projector bulb made by one of these manufacturers.

(Generic) Bulb Only

The generic bare bulb is a non-original bulb. However, as with our generic modules, they are manufactured by a reliable high quality manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as Acer and BenQ. Our generic projector bulbs are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

"Whichever option you may choose, with us you can count on the best Value For Money Lamps."

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Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για να σας δώσουμε την πλέον επίκαιρη τιμή. τηλ :  2102525044 

Εγγύηση: Διάρκεια Εγγύησης:

Original Manufacturers Lamp & Original Bulb Only without housing(OEM) 90 ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς.τυπικα 3μηνες εαν δεν ξεπεραστουν οι ωρες λειτουργειας που δινει ο κατασκευαστης.

Genuine Inside Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix bulb 120  ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς εαν δεν ξεπεραστουν οι ωρες λειτουργειας που δινει ο κατασκευαστης.

Premier Compatible Lamp plus new compatible housing in neutral packaging Generic Module και (Generic) Bulb Only 120  ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς 




Mitsubishi 50X lamp S-XL20LAR Mitsubishi 50XL lamp S-XL20LAR Mitsubishi 50XLF lamp S-XL20LAR Mitsubishi 67XL lamp S-XL20LAR Mitsubishi DDP60 lamp S-XT20LA Mitsubishi DEFENDER W/CUP lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi ES100 lamp VLT-XD400LP ES100U Mitsubishi ES10U lamp VLT-EX100LP Mitsubishi ES200 lamp VLT-EX240LP Mitsubishi EW230U-ST lamp VLT-EX240LP Mitsubishi EW270U lamp VLT-EX240LP Mitsubishi EX100U lamp VLT-EX100LP Mitsubishi EX200U lamp VLT-EX240LP Mitsubishi EX240U lamp VLT-EX240LP Mitsubishi EX51U lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi EX53E lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi EX53U lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi FD630U lamp VLT-XD600LP Mitsubishi FL6900U lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi FL7000 lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi FL7000U lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi HC1 lamp VLT-HC2LP Mitsubishi HC100 lamp VLT-HC100LP Mitsubishi HC100U lamp VLT-HC100LP Mitsubishi HC1100 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC1500 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC1600 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC2 lamp VLT-HC2LP Mitsubishi HC200 lamp VLT-D2010LP Mitsubishi HC2000 lamp VLT-D2010LP Mitsubishi HC3 lamp VLT-HC3LP Mitsubishi HC3000 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC3000U lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC3100 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC3100U lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HC3800 lamp VLT-HC3800LP Mitsubishi HC4000 lamp VLT-HC900LP Mitsubishi HC4900 lamp VLT-HC5000LP Mitsubishi HC5000 lamp VLT-HC5000LP Mitsubishi HC5500 lamp VLT-HC5000LP Mitsubishi HC6000 lamp VLT-HC5000LP Mitsubishi HC6500 lamp VLT-HC7000LP Mitsubishi HC6500U lamp VLT-HC7000LP Mitsubishi HC6800 lamp VLT-HC6800LP Mitsubishi HC7000 lamp VLT-HC7000LP Mitsubishi HC7000GT lamp VLT-HC7000LP Mitsubishi HC7000U lamp VLT-HC7000LP Mitsubishi HC900 lamp VLT-HC900LP HC9000D Mitsubishi HC910 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HD1000 lamp VLT-HC910LP Mitsubishi HD4000 lamp VLT-HC900LP Mitsubishi HD8000 lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi HL2750U lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi HL650 lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi HL650U lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi L01U lamp VLT-L01LP Mitsubishi LVP-50XL50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi LVP-50XLF50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi LVP-50XS50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi LVP-50XSF50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi MH2850U lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi S120 lamp VLT-X120LP Mitsubishi S250 lamp VLT-X300LP Mitsubishi S290 lamp VLT-X300LP Mitsubishi S490 lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi S490U lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi S50 lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi S50U lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi S50UX lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi SA51 lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi SA51U lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi SD10 lamp VLT-X10LP Mitsubishi SD105U lamp VLT-SD105LP Mitsubishi SD10U lamp VLT-X10LP Mitsubishi SD110 lamp VLT-XD110LP Mitsubishi SD200 lamp VLT-XD200LP Mitsubishi SD205 lamp VLT-XD205LP Mitsubishi SD205U lamp VLT-XD205LP Mitsubishi SD206 lamp VLT-XD206LP Mitsubishi SD206U lamp VLT-XD206LP Mitsubishi SD210U lamp VLT-XD210LP Mitsubishi SD220U lamp VLT-XD221LP Mitsubishi SD420 lamp VLT-XD420LP Mitsubishi SD420U lamp VLT-XD420LP Mitsubishi SD430 lamp VLT-XD430LP Mitsubishi SD510U lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi SE1 lamp VLT-SE1LP Mitsubishi SE1U lamp VLT-SE1LP Mitsubishi SE2 lamp VLT-SE2LP Mitsubishi SE2U lamp VLT-SE2LP Mitsubishi SL1 lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi SL1U lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi SL2 lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi SL25 lamp VLT-XL30LP Mitsubishi SL2U lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi SL4 lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi SL4S lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi SL4SU lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi SL4U lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi SL5U DEFENDER lamp VLT-XL5LP Mitsubishi SL6U lamp VLT-SL6LP Mitsubishi UD8400 lamp VLT-XD8000LP Mitsubishi VS 50FD10 lamp S-FD10LAR Mitsubishi VS 50XL21U lamp S-XL20LAR Mitsubishi VS 50XL50U lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS 50XLF50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS 50XLW50U lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS 50XLWF50U lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS 60XT20 lamp S-XT20LA Mitsubishi VS 67FD10 lamp S-FD10LAR Mitsubishi VS 67XL21U lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS FD10 lamp S-FD10LAR Mitsubishi VS FD11 lamp S-FD10LAR Mitsubishi VS XL20 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS XL21 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi VS XL50 lamp S-XL50LA Mitsubishi WD-52327 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-52525 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-52526 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-52527 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-52528 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-52627 lamp 915P026010 Mitsubishi WD-52628 lamp 915P026010 Mitsubishi WD-52631 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-52725 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-52825 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-52825G lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-57731 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-57732 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-57733 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-57734 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-62327 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-62525 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-62526 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-62527 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-62528 lamp 915P028010 Mitsubishi WD-62627 lamp 915P026010 Mitsubishi WD-62628 lamp 915P026010 Mitsubishi WD-62725 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-62825 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-62825G lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WD-65731 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-65732 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-65733 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-65734 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-73733 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-73734 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-C657 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-Y57 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-Y577 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD-Y65 lamp 915P049010 Mitsubishi WD-Y657 lamp 915P061010 Mitsubishi WD2000 lamp VLT-XD2000LP Mitsubishi WD3300U lamp VLT-XD3200LP Mitsubishi WD500U-ST lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi WD510U lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi WD620U lamp VLT-XD600LP Mitsubishi WD620U-G lamp VLT-XD600LP Mitsubishi WD8200 lamp VLT-XD8000LP Mitsubishi WE-52825 lamp 915P020010 Mitsubishi WL2650U lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi WL639 lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi WL-6700U lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi X100 lamp VLT-X100LP Mitsubishi X120 lamp VLT-X120LP Mitsubishi X200 lamp VLT-X200LP Mitsubishi X200E lamp VLT-X200LP Mitsubishi X250 lamp VLT-X300LP Mitsubishi X30 lamp VLT-X30LP Mitsubishi X300 lamp VLT-X300LP Mitsubishi X30U lamp VLT-X30LP Mitsubishi X390 lamp VLT-X400LP Mitsubishi X400 lamp VLT-X400LP Mitsubishi X400B lamp VLT-X400LP Mitsubishi X490 lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi X490U lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi X50 lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi X500 lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi X500U lamp VLT-X500LP Mitsubishi X50U lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi X50X lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi X70 lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi X70U lamp VLT-X70LP Mitsubishi X70UX lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi X80 lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi X80U lamp VLT-PX1LP Mitsubishi XD10 lamp VLT-X10LP Mitsubishi XD1000U lamp VLT-XD2000LP Mitsubishi XD105U lamp VLT-SD105LP Mitsubishi XD10U lamp VLT-X10LP Mitsubishi XD110 lamp VLT-XD110LP Mitsubishi XD110U lamp VLT-XD110LP Mitsubishi XD20 lamp VLT-XD20LP Mitsubishi XD200 lamp VLT-XD200LP Mitsubishi XD2000 lamp VLT-XD2000LP Mitsubishi XD2000U lamp VLT-XD2000LP Mitsubishi XD205 lamp VLT-XD205LP Mitsubishi XD205U lamp VLT-XD205LP Mitsubishi XD206 lamp VLT-XD206LP Mitsubishi XD206U lamp VLT-XD206LP Mitsubishi XD20A lamp VLT-XD20LP Mitsubishi XD210U lamp VLT-XD210LP Mitsubishi XD211U lamp VLT-XD210LP Mitsubishi XD221U lamp VLT-XD221LP Mitsubishi XD250U lamp VLT-XD280LP Mitsubishi XD250U-G lamp VLT-XD280LP Mitsubishi XD280U lamp VLT-XD280LP Mitsubishi XD280U-G lamp VLT-XD280LP Mitsubishi XD300 lamp VLT-XD300LP Mitsubishi XD300U lamp VLT-XD300LP Mitsubishi XD3200 lamp VLT-XD3200LP Mitsubishi XD350 lamp VLT-XD350LP Mitsubishi XD3500U lamp VLT-XD3200LP Mitsubishi XD350U lamp VLT-XD350LP Mitsubishi XD400 lamp VLT-XD400LP Mitsubishi XD420 lamp VLT-XD420LP Mitsubishi XD430 lamp VLT-XD430LP Mitsubishi XD430U lamp VLT-XD430LP Mitsubishi XD435 lamp VLT-XD430LP Mitsubishi XD450 lamp VLT-XD400LP Mitsubishi XD460 lamp VLT-XD400LP Mitsubishi XD470 lamp VLT-XD470LP Mitsubishi XD470U lamp VLT-XD470LP Mitsubishi XD480 lamp VLT-XD400LP Mitsubishi XD490 lamp VLT-XD400LP Mitsubishi XD50 lamp VLT-XD50LP Mitsubishi XD500U lamp VLT-XD500LP Mitsubishi XD500U-ST lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi XD510 lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi XD510U lamp VLT-XD510LP Mitsubishi XD520U lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi XD530E lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi XD530U lamp VLT-XD520LP Mitsubishi XD60 lamp VLT-XD50LP Mitsubishi XD600U lamp VLT-XD600LP Mitsubishi XD600U-G lamp VLT-XD600LP Mitsubishi XD70 lamp VLT-XD70LP Mitsubishi XD80 lamp VLT-XD80LP Mitsubishi XD8000 lamp VLT-XD8000LP Mitsubishi XD80U lamp VLT-XD80LP Mitsubishi XD8100 lamp VLT-XD8000LP Mitsubishi XD90U lamp VLT-XD90LP Mitsubishi XD95U lamp VLT-XD95LP Mitsubishi XL1 lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi XL1550 lamp VLT-XL550LP Mitsubishi XL1U lamp VLT-XL1LP Mitsubishi XL1X lamp VLT-XL2LP Mitsubishi XL1XU lamp VLT-XL2LP Mitsubishi XL2 lamp VLT-XL2LP Mitsubishi XL25 lamp VLT-XL30LP Mitsubishi XL2550 lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi XL2U lamp VLT-XL2LP Mitsubishi XL2X lamp VLT-XL2LP Mitsubishi XL30 lamp VLT-XL30LP Mitsubishi XL4 lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi XL4S lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi XL5 lamp VLT-XL5LP Mitsubishi XL550 lamp VLT-XL550LP Mitsubishi XL550U lamp VLT-XL550LP Mitsubishi XL5900 lamp VLT-XL5950LP Mitsubishi XL5950 lamp VLT-XL5950LP Mitsubishi XL5980U lamp VLT-XL5950LP Mitsubishi XL5U lamp VLT-XL5LP Mitsubishi XL5U DEFENDER lamp VLT-XL5LP Mitsubishi XL650 lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi XL6500LU lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi XL6500U lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi XL650U lamp VLT-XL650LP Mitsubishi XL6600LU lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi XL6600U lamp VLT-XL6600LP Mitsubishi XL6U lamp VLT-XL5LP Mitsubishi XL8 lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi XL8U lamp VLT-XL8LP Mitsubishi XL9 lamp VLT-SL6LP Mitsubishi XL9U lamp VLT-SL6LP

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