NEC projector lamps

NEC projector lamps

9000 Λάμπες για όλους τους Projectors της αγοράς 

Γνήσια σετ και εναλλακτικές λύσεις.


Με την εγγύηση του  




- Δωρεάν οδηγίες εγκατάστασης
- Αποστολή σε όλη την Ελλάδα
- Ταχύτατη παράδοση
- Δυνατότητα εγκατάστασης και από την Εταιρία μας (με ξεχωριστή χρέωση)

Παραγγελίες - Πληροφορίες:  - Ερρίκου Σλήμαν 4 & Ξανθουλίδου 21- Ανω Πατήσια -

τηλ:210 2525044 FAX: 2102582195

Need a new Projector Lamp?
For most projectors we offer original projector lamps as well as generic projector lamps. For a lot of projectors we can also supply individual bulbs!

If possible we can offer the following options to replacing your existing projector lamp:

Original Module

The original module (lamp with plastic housing) is the same lamp as you purchased with your projector. We can, in most cases, deliver the original projector lamps. However, the problem with original projector lamps is that shortages exist and prices are often unnecessarily high.

Genuine Inside Module

An original module in neutral packing, exactly the same as the manufacturer's lamp but without the original packaging.

Generic Module

The generic module is a non-original product (lamp and housing). Our generic modules are manufactured by a reliable manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as BenQ and Acer. Our generic modules are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

Bulb Only:

A bare lamp offers the possibility to re-use your existing lamp housing and to just replace the actual bulb. The main benefit of this option is of course a considerable price reduction when compared to an original module.

Replacing a projector bulb is not difficult but it does require some handiness. If you're not confident to replace the bulb yourself we can do this for you, for free! Contact us for details.

Original Bulb Only

Original bare projector lamps come from manufacturers such as Philips, Osram, Ushio, Iwasaki, Phoenix or Sharp. Your original module will contain a projector bulb made by one of these manufacturers.

(Generic) Bulb Only

The generic bare bulb is a non-original bulb. However, as with our generic modules, they are manufactured by a reliable high quality manufacturer who also produces projector lamps for well known brands such as Acer and BenQ. Our generic projector bulbs are of high quality and offer a 120 days unconditional warranty. Prices are of course attractive.

"Whichever option you may choose, with us you can count on the best Value For Money Lamps."

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Επικοινωνήστε μαζί μας για να σας δώσουμε την πλέον επίκαιρη τιμή. τηλ :  2102525044 

Εγγύηση: Διάρκεια Εγγύησης:

Original Manufacturers Lamp & Original Bulb Only without housing(OEM) 90 ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς.τυπικα 3μηνες εαν δεν ξεπεραστουν οι ωρες λειτουργειας που δινει ο κατασκευαστης.

Genuine Inside Original Manufacturer’s (OEM) lamp with a new cage Philips, Osram, Ushio or Phoenix bulb 120  ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς εαν δεν ξεπεραστουν οι ωρες λειτουργειας που δινει ο κατασκευαστης.

Premier Compatible Lamp plus new compatible housing in neutral packaging Generic Module και (Generic) Bulb Only 120  ημέρες από την ημερομηνία αγοράς 


NEC projector lamps

Nec DT100 lamp DT01LP 50021122
Nec DT20 lamp DT02LP 50022251
Nec GT1150 lamp GT50LP 50020067
Nec GT2000 lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec GT2000R lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec GT2150 lamp GT50LP 50020067
Nec GT5000 lamp GT60LP 50023151
Nec GT5000 - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp GT60LPS 50023172
Nec GT6000 lamp GT60LP 50023151
Nec GT6000 - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp GT60LPS 50023172
Nec GT6000R lamp GT60LP 50023151
Nec GT6000R - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp GT60LPS 50023172
Nec GT950 lamp GT95LP 50020985
Nec HT1000 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec HT1100 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec HT410 lamp LH01LP 50027115
Nec HT510 lamp LH01LP 50027115
Nec LT10 lamp LT10LP 50024712
Nec LT100 lamp LT81/100LAMP / 50017082
Nec LT140 lamp LT40LP 50018690
Nec LT150 lamp LT50LP 50020065
Nec LT150z lamp LT51LP 50020984
Nec LT154 lamp LT57LP 50021668
Nec LT155 lamp LT57LP 50021668
Nec LT156 lamp LT57LP 50021668
Nec LT157 lamp LT57LP 50021668
Nec LT158 lamp LT57LP 50021668
Nec LT170 lamp LT70LP 50024095
Nec LT180 lamp LH02LP 50028199
Nec LT20 lamp LT20LP
Nec LT20E lamp LT20LP
Nec LT220 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT240 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT240K lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT245 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT25 lamp LT30LP 50029555
Nec LT260 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT260K lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT265 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT280 lamp VT75LP 50030763
Nec LT30 lamp LT30LP 50029555
Nec LT35 lamp LT35LP 50029556
Nec LT380 lamp VT75LP 50030763
Nec LT40 lamp
Nec LT60 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec LT75z lamp LT51LP 50020984
Nec LT80 lamp LT80LAMP 50016684
Nec LT80G lamp LT80LAMP 50016684
Nec LT81 lamp LT81/100LAMP / 50017082
Nec LT84 lamp LT40LP 50018690
Nec LT85 lamp LT50LP 50020065
Nec M230X lamp NP15LP 60003121
Nec M260W lamp NP15LP 60003121
Nec M260WS lamp NP16LP 60003120
Nec M260X lamp NP15LP 60003121
Nec M260XS lamp NP15LP 60003121
Nec M300W lamp NP16LP 60003120
Nec M300X lamp NP15LP 60003121
Nec M300XS lamp NP16LP 60003120
Nec M350WS lamp NP17LP 60003127
Nec M350X lamp NP16LP 60003120
Nec M350XS lamp NP17LP 60003127
Nec M420X lamp NP17LP 60003127
Nec MT1000 lamp MTLAMP810/1000 50015942
Nec MT1020 lamp MTLAMP820/1020 50016683
Nec MT1030 lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT1030 PLUS lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT1030G lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT1035 lamp MT1035LAMP 50017081
Nec MT1035 PLUS lamp MT1035LAMP 50017081
Nec MT1040 lamp MT40LP 50018704
Nec MT1045 lamp MT40LP 50018704
Nec MT1050 lamp MT50LP 50020066
Nec MT1055 lamp MT50LP 50020066
Nec MT1056 lamp MT50LP 50020066
Nec MT1060 lamp MT60LP 50022277
Nec MT1060 - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp MT60LPS 50022279
Nec MT1065 lamp MT60LP 50022277
Nec MT1065 - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp MT60LPS 50022279
Nec MT1070 lamp MT70LP 50025482
Nec MT1075 lamp MT70LP 50025482
Nec MT600 lamp MTLAMP600/800 50015148
Nec MT800 lamp MTLAMP600/800 50015148
Nec MT810 lamp MTLAMP810/1000 50015942
Nec MT820 lamp MTLAMP820/1020 50016683
Nec MT830 lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT830 PLUS lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT830G lamp MT830/1030 50017080
Nec MT835 lamp MT1035LAMP 50017081
Nec MT840 lamp MT40LP 50018704
Nec MT850 lamp MT50LP 50020066
Nec MT860 lamp MT60LP 50022277
Nec MT860 - LONG LIFE LAMP lamp MT60LPS 50022279
Nec NP-PA500U lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec NP-PA500X lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec NP-PA550W lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec NP-PA5520W lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec NP-PA600X lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec NP100 lamp NP10LP 6002407
Nec NP1000 lamp NP01LP 50030850
Nec NP110 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP115 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP1150 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP115G lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP1200 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP1250 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP200 lamp NP10LP 6002407
Nec NP2000 lamp NP01LP 50030850
Nec NP210 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP210G lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP215 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP2150 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP215G lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP216 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec NP2200 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP2250 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP300 lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP305 lamp NP14LP 60002852
Nec NP310 lamp NP14LP 60002852
Nec NP3150 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP3151 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP3151W lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP3200 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP3250 lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP3250W lamp NP06LP 60002234
Nec NP40 lamp NP02LP 50031755
Nec NP400 lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP4000 lamp NP04LP 60002027
Nec NP4001 lamp NP04LP 60002027
Nec NP405 lamp NP14LP 60002852
Nec NP40G lamp NP02LP 50031755
Nec NP41 lamp NP08LP 60002446
Nec NP410 lamp NP14LP 60002852
Nec NP4100 lamp NP12LP 60002748
Nec NP4100W lamp NP12LP 60002748
Nec NP410W lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP43 lamp NP08LP 60002446
Nec NP50 lamp NP02LP 50031755
Nec NP500 lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP500W lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP50G lamp NP02LP 50031755
Nec NP510 lamp NP14LP 60002852
Nec NP510W lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP510WS lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP52 lamp NP08LP 60002446
Nec NP60 lamp NP03LP 50031756
Nec NP600 lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP60G lamp NP03LP 50031756
Nec NP61 lamp NP09LP 60002444
Nec NP610 lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP610G lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP610S lamp NP07LP 60002447
Nec NP62 lamp NP09LP 60002444
Nec NP64 lamp NP09LP 60002444
Nec NP901 lamp NP05LP 60002094
Nec NP905 lamp NP05LP 60002094
Nec P350W lamp NP17LP 60003127
Nec P350X lamp NP16LP 60003120
Nec P420X lamp NP17LP 60003127
Nec PA500U lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec PA500X lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec PA550W lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec PA5520W lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec PA600X lamp NP21LP 60003224
Nec U250X lamp NP19LP 60003129
Nec U260W lamp NP19LP 60003129
Nec U300X lamp NP20LP 60003130
Nec U310W lamp NP20LP 60003130
Nec V230 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec V230X lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec V260 lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec V260X lamp NP13LP 60002853
Nec V300X lamp NP18LP 60003128
Nec VT37 lamp VT70LP 50025479
Nec VT440 lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT440K lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT45 lamp VT45LPK 50022215
Nec VT450 lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT45K lamp VT45LPK 50022215
Nec VT45KG lamp VT45LPK 50022215
Nec VT45L lamp VT45LPK 50022215
Nec VT46 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT460 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT460K lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT465 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT47 lamp VT70LP 50025479
Nec VT470 lamp VT75LP 50030763
Nec VT475 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT48 lamp VT80LP 50029923
Nec VT480 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT49 lamp VT80LP 50029923
Nec VT490 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT491 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT495 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT50 lamp VT50LP 50021408
Nec VT540 lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT540G lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT540K lamp VT40LP 50019497
Nec VT560 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT57 lamp VT80LP 50029923
Nec VT570 lamp VT70LP 50025479
Nec VT575 lamp VT70LP 50025479
Nec VT58 lamp VT80LP 50029923
Nec VT580 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT59 lamp VT80LP 50029923
Nec VT590 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT595 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT650 lamp VT50LP 50021408
Nec VT660 lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT660K lamp VT60LP 50022792
Nec VT670 lamp VT75LP 50030763
Nec VT676 lamp VT75LP 50030763
Nec VT695 lamp VT85LP 50029924
Nec VT700 lamp NP05LP 60002094
Nec VT770 lamp VT77LP 50024558
Nec VT800 lamp NP05LP 60002094
Nec WT600 lamp LT60LPK 50023919
Nec WT610 lamp WT61LPE 50030764
Nec WT615 lamp WT61LPE 50030764

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